Confidence that your Content is Secure.
Accurate and Fast Searches.  Immediate Alerts. 


Protecting, Securing, and Quick Access to Company Information

The challenge to managing  the huge and varied amount of  information and communications across a company  continues to increase.  Having quick access to the right information is often difficult.    In addition, just ensuring that private or sensitive data stays secure and restricted can be of paramount importance but difficult to control.

A library is traditionally a place that stores and protects precious assets...set up with sound processes so that that those who access its assets are invited and authorized to do so.    Likewise, with ECM Library we give you the confidence  that your corporate information assets are secure and protected... providing the right people with quick and easy access to their information.

ECM Library is a rich "enterprise solution" that gives users easy access to their specific information.  At the same time, it provides IT and Security Management professionals the ability to police content acquisition and usage.  Through our advanced and state-of-the-art methodologies,  emails, faxes, attachments, pictures, CAD, documents, and thousands of other types of communications and access are monitored,  reducing risk by providing visibility and protection.

Content Safety, Security Alerts and Notifications

Safety and security precautions are paramount when dealing with any sensitive information.  All companies have classified or confidential communications that need to be secured. There’s also the need to mitigate the use of any inappropriate language, or stop any confidential information leaks.  Our solution allows you to regulate, monitor and report the acquisition of sensitive information and govern data usage and transmission.

Find it Now -  Information Across the Company

ECM Library gives a simple but rich tool for searching and accessing content across your whole organization. Its incredible speed, accuracy, and fully extensible search functions allow users to find documents for the most critical issues.   Its highly scalable architecture will drastically improve and expand access to company information; saving time and cutting company costs.

Easy to Assess: Fast to Implementation

Our SaaS based-solution is surprisingly simple to implement.  Using an intuitive but secure browser solution, users are given authorization to only the content they are allowed to access.    Administrators are provided with a separate and secure application to manage the protection and monitoring of enterprise information.   Content is protected and preserved in its exact original form and provided to the requesting party though a flexible and auditable export process to simplify work tasks.

Contact us at  sales@ecmlibrary.com  to find out how you can easily assess whether our solution will meet  your complex and growing data challenges. 


men looking at screen
ECM Library secures and makes searchable information across:
  • Emails and email attachments
  • Business documents
    (1000’s of file types)
  • Scanned paper documents
  • Text in Graphic Files
  • Instant messages
  • Websites
ECM Library secures and monitors information from databases:
  • Knowledge Base systems
  • Proprietary content management solutions
  • Electronic Customer Records
  • eCRMs (Electronic Customer Relationship Marketing)
  • Many legacy platforms.
ECM Library provides extensive search and information access capabilities:
  • 1000's of file types are fully searchable and can be immediately restored across the network
  • Rich search parameters