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Product Details for Technical Support

Simplified Installation and Administration
Administrators are provided windows-based administration options to manage the setup and day-to-day operations of enterprise content management. ECM Library server repository is a streamlined install process.

Scalable from the Largest Company down to the Smallest Office
ECM Library is a packaged solution ready with many window-driven options for administrators. It can be installed in an office by one database administrator with basic skills. Yet this solution offers the power to scale to the largest company's requirements.   A company with decentralized support will find this solution especially ideal for low-cost maintenance. 

Supports Company Governance
ECM Library provides archiving options that give database administrators the control to manage the archive process.  Based on the policies of a company, administrators can identify the file types and directories to always archive,  overriding user archive decisions to ensure all the relevant data is archived for future company reference.

Archive Intellect is a content aware classification methodology in ECM Library that helps companies create a repeatable method of classifying and storing unstructured information. Intelligent archiving helps companies meet corporate retention requirements and enforce records management policies. Once data is classified, enforcement technology applies retention and expiry rules provided by administrators across different content archives to ensure it is kept only as long as it is needed. But this too can be edited and changed by an administrator.  This helps control operational costs, as the size of the archive is automatically controlled. ECM Library can also be setup to “migrate and remove” expired content to a separate repository or remove it all together.

Mailbox Management
Through the streamlined archival process, users can lower a significant amount of time in managing their email. ECM Library has many archival options, such as "remove emails after a specified period of time and then only if the emails have been read" or "move them to a different mailbox"  or "remove if read after x days".  Admin-defined policies can automatically archive individual mailbox email and attachments and place them into the ECM Library repository.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Many companies are choosing to go digital and end the paper storage nightmare.   Once documents have been scanned, ECM Library can "OCR" graphic files as they are archived for the following file types:  .bmp, .gif, .ico, .jpg, .png, .tif, and .tiff.  With OCR capability these scanned documents become available for full-text searches.

Archive for Search, eDiscovery and Investigations
Any IT administrator who has had to respond to a corporate lawsuit or internal investigation understands the difficulty of collecting and delivering files, messages, or other content for legal review.  Our library and group assignment functionality provides a powerful and efficient interface allowing not just one, but a team of users to perform content research, search, retrieval and analysis. Relevant items are easily preserved as part of the "Legal Librarian" process. This provides targeted content from within the ECM Library to fully support the discovery process. 

Product Brief Papers

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